Raspberry Charlotte Russe Recipe

Charlotte Russe is a classic dessert that combines a rich, creamy custard with fruit and gelatine and serves it in a ring of lady fingers or sponge cake. It’s a little like a fancy strawberry shortcake, but even tastier, if you can imagine that!

It doesn’t get a lot of press lately. Maybe it’s because people think it’s a little finicky to make. (It’s not.) Or maybe they think it’s too “fancy” for general use. (Impossible!) But this is one dessert that should definitely make a comeback, STAT! It’s perfect for any time of the year, and you can use whatever fruit is currently in season to make a variation that totally fits with any meal. (Think cranberry for Thanksgiving or Christmas, Strawberry or Raspberry for spring or summer…)

This raspberrycharlotte russe recipe is perfect for summer, but you could serve this anytime.

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